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WE WILL SERVE our customers with integrity, competence and objectivity.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repairs When You Need it Fast!

We don’t expect you to know exactly what is wrong with your air conditioner or how to fix it, that is why we are here! As experts in the HVAC industry, our certified and trustworthy technicians will come to your home in the New Orleans area to analyze and identify your air conditioner’s problem(s). We will present to you your options for repair and based on your decision, we will immediately begin the necessary processes to repairing your air conditioner.


Keeping You Warm During Cold Winter Months!

Do you find that your furnace or heating system always needs repairs on the coldest day of the winter? Well don’t you fret, Peffer Heating & Air is here for you 24-7 so you don’t have to bundle up just to be inside your home. Our certified and trustworthy technicians will visit your home ready to conquer the problem with their extensive knowledge and background in repairing HVAC systems.

Installation Services

Dedicated to Providing Quality Installation Services at Competitive Rates

At Peffer Heating & Air, we take pride in our ability to pinpoint the ideal heating and cooling equipment for you. If you find yourself in need of a new system, our friendly sales technicians are happy to guide you through the entire purchasing process. From analyzing your comfort needs, to the final connection of a new machine, we are here to help.

Our Commercial

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Quality Standards

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